Aquatic Physical Therapy Exercise in Coimbatore

Hydrotherapy, also known as aquatic physical therapy, is a growing approach to rehabilitation where the attributes of water are incorporated into patients’ treatment. This therapeutic exercise is conducted in water; the water provides buoyancy, resistance and hydrostatic pressure that guarantees a secure place for healing and firmed up body. Among the organizations in Coimbatore, Sukino Healthcare’s value is in offering this therapy to cure different diseases in a new and efficient approach.

Benefits of Aquatic Physical Therapy

Enhanced Mobility and Flexibility

Aquatic physical therapy also assists in increasing the patient’s flexibility as among its advantages. Floating relieves body weight from limbs, as water keeps the body afloat hence lacking the weight bearing characteristic that put much stress on the joints. This is especially helpful for arthritic patients, and those with chronic pain or those who are going through post-surgery treatments. In water, they can do movements that are to painful or impossible to show on the ground increasing the flexibility and the mobility slowly.

Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Water therapy allows the temperature to regulate the natural stiffness of water and the mild pressure it applies on aching parts of the body to minimize inflammation and pains. It also helps in relaxing of muscles and increase blood supply to the n affected part or any other part of the body that is immersed in the warm water. It is common to observe that the flexibility of the patient increases appreciably while in water and the exercised limbs regain their functionality much earlier than in any other treatment regimen.

Improved Strength and Endurance

Exercise ability is also favored in aquatic therapy because of the strength and endurance idea. Stability is always perpendicular and in multiple directions which requires more work from the muscles in order to traverse the water. This can result in a general increase in the mass and AND of the skeletal muscles without the possible micro-traumas stemming from the conventional weight-bearing exercises.

Conditions Treated with Aquatic Physical Therapy

Orthopedic Conditions

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and post-operative joint replacements bring patient to aquatic therapy as the conditions that are treated by it. Water minimizes the weight and pressure on the joints alleviating pain that patients with arthritis have when exercising muscles and joint mobility.

Neurological Disorders

Aquatic therapy aids clients with neurological disorders like; stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. The supporting nature of water makes this form of therapy suitable for enabling people to perform balance and coordination procedures. , water’s ability to resist also helps the muscles gain strength when they are being reconstructed and the general motor movements.

Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia

It can be effectively helpful to relieve chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia in patient population. The water is warm to ease tension in muscles, reduce pain and other associated with arthritis and also enhance the functioning. Because the water enters the body with a good deal of pressure, the strength built through exercise is not worsened by pain.

Aquatic Physical Therapy at Sukino Healthcare

State-of-the-Art Facilities

We at the Sukino Healthcare in Coimbatore are happy to make available to all clients modern Aqua Therapy Pool. Our pool is described as hydrotherapy pool as it is heated, available at variable depths, and has equipments to make the exercise inclusive of a lot of exercises and patients. Bathrooms are exceptionally clean with attention paid to tidiness and orderliness in regards to the environment.

Expert Therapists

All the physically therapist in our team are well experienced and competent in carrying out the aquatic therapy. Hence, they compassionately handle each of the patients offering treatment plans that will benefit the individual patient. The spinal-chord injured clients receive their treatment by our qualified therapists who practice various techniques and exercises that take advantage of water’s properties as a medium for therapy.

Comprehensive Care

At Sukino Healthcare, we recognize the importance of going beyond addressing physical pain. Thus, our aquatic therapy is in combination with other forms of therapy as well as other forms of medical treatment. The nurses are also responsible for patient evaluations right from the initial stages and follow up in consultation with other medical practitioners.

Getting Started with Aquatic Therapy at Sukino Healthcare

Initial Assessment

The initial approach in the initiation of aquatic therapy in Sukino Healthcare incorporates an assessment step. Expert therapists will assess your records and advise you depending on your present status and unique objectives. This means that during the assessment, the proposal made in the therapy is boxed in accordance with your needs hence high chances of success.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Thus depending on the initial evaluation carried out by our therapists, specific exercise in water and techniques are developed as a treatment plan for the patients. Revisions will be made to this plan regularly as you proceed and are required on the belief that you should continue deriving benefits from the sessions and well on the way towards meeting your rehabilitation goals.

Ongoing Support and Evaluation

Our team will support all your aquatic therapy process and also constantly assess you to ensure you are response to treatment is optimal. We will observe your improvement, intervene in case of a need to modify the treatment plan, and also motivate you to continue with the process. We aim to make sure that you get the most optimum results and you are able to regain your mobility and good life again.


Aquatic physical therapy is an extraordinary and beneficial method for managing and rehabilitating various ailments because of the following reasons. Sukino Healthcare located in Coimbatore makes it its core mandate to offer excellent Aquatic Therapy to make sure that patients get appropriate therapy that meets their rehabilitation goals and needs. If you or someone you know could use aquatic physical therapy, we invite you to call and find out more about our services and how we can assist you in your healing process.

We are India’s first comprehensive continuum care provider. We provide multidisciplinary out of hospital care to acute and post-acute and chronically ill patients at our critical care facilities and your home.

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