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Rajinish Menon

Rajinish Menon – Founder & CEO, Sukino Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Due to an inconsistent health care system, my mother has suffered from her chronic illness. Your suffering is absolutely understood.

You may have sensed and felt an intrinsic need for a bridge that covers the gap between hospital release and optimal recovery for patients, especially those who need post-hospital discharge care. I searched for a whole alternative health care module because of this need.

My team and I have worked tirelessly on a whole health care module. Sukino came into the world.

Sukino’s clinical experience, professional staff, and cutting-edge technology provide a high-quality continuum of care.

Your family’s physical and emotional agony is our goal.

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What Is Transition Care And What Are The Benefits Of Transition Care?

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Elder Care Services in Bangalore

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Journey to Recovery: Stories of Healing and Hope

Sukino is a continuum care service provider that offers personalized in-patient care services at its rehabilitation and recuperation facilities to seniors and individuals with chronic illnesses. 

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Palliative care
Continnum care centers
Rehab Centers

What They Say


“Excellent place for post operative care. The Physiotherapy unit is very well equipped and all the Therapist were very cooperative. They do it with lot of patience. Caretakers are extremely good, and hospitable. They serve with a smile. Overall experience was very good. Thank you sukino team for giving a homely n comfortable stay. Will definitely recommend.”

Vanjula Rajan


“My father had a very pleasant experience at Sukino. We were impressed by the hospitality of the staff, who took great care to ensure that my father was comfortable. His daily routine was well managed and the nurse department gave him the medicines on time. Physiotherapy sessions with Ms.Mily were good and he enjoyed very much.”

Mahalakshmi Venkat


“It is definitely a very good facility for neuro rehabilitation with a good team of doctors and physiotherapists. My grandmother saw a speedy recovery from not being able to turn on the bed to climbing stairs without support. This was the second time she was in the facility due to second hospitalization and saw a good recovery this time too! All thanks to the team at Sukino!”

Raksha S

Meet The Experts

Expert Rehab Team: Your Best Bet for a Strong and Speedy Recovery!

Dr. Aftab Ahmad
Dr. Aftab Ahmed
Dr. Harish
Dr. Harish Jeyavel
Dr. Tony
Dr. Tony Pius
DR. whitefield
Dr Sandeep Radhakrishnan
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